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I love tattoos, however, I fully understand that in life, people make mistakes and believe we shouldn't have to wear these mistakes on our skin for the rest of our lives. I am a laser tattoo removal specialist based in Reading, Berkshire. I offer full removal of amateur and professional tattoos as well as the lightening / editing of older tattoos for professional cover up work using the latest in laser removal technology to ensure all my clients undergo the most effective and comfortable experience possible.

Unlike other laser removal specialists, I don't believe in overcharging clients based on the service's high demand. Having lived with unwanted tattoos I experienced the effect it can have on everyday life and fully understand how daunting the "high" price of laser removal treatment can be.

Rest assured I offer FREE consultation and patch testing as well as a fair and realistic pricing to all clients, new and old. If you wish to set up an appointment or are just after some friendly, professional advice then feel free to get in touch using my contact details listed below.

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How does it work?

Essentially Laser tattoo removal is the process of applying light, energy/heat to pigment. This makes the pigment molecules expand and break down and disrupts the natural settling process. This allows the body to reject the larger molecules and absorb the smaller molecules by using the body's natural filtering system.

Does it hurt?

Being lasered can be painful for some of my clients,although everyone is different and you'll find some clients can go through the treatment comfortably with no anaesthetic. There are numbing creams that are available should they be necessary. People often ask if it blisters and if the aftercare of laser removal is very painful, some blistering can occur, but this is the body’s natural way of cooling the area down so that faster healing can occur. If this should happen the main thing to remember is not to tamper with the blisters in any way.

Does it scar?

Generally speaking, no. The laser I use is designed to disrupt the ink as little as possible. However there is always an exception, the skin can blister after treatment therefore it is imperative that clients do not pop or scratch the blisters as this can cause the skin to scar. There is normally no lasting damage to the skin however very rarely mild changes in skin texture and colour may occur but should return to normal after 6-12 months.

How long should I leave between treatments?

When it comes to length between treatments I suggest at least 4-6 weeks, depending on the size of the area that is being lasered, being treated before this is just a waste of time and money for my clients. It doesn’t allow the body to completely filter out the disrupted molecules.

How many sessions will I need?

It is important to understand that every tattoo is different and there are many factors affecting the removal process, for example, depth of pigment, age of the tattoo and the ink that was used, due to all these factors before the process has begun it is very difficult to give an accurate estimate. However as a guide, for complete removal of a professional tattoo, in most cases you can expect to have between 5 and 20 treatments. If you wish to lighten your tattoo for a cover up it is important to state this upfront so I can tailor the treatment to get the best results, remember the lighter your old tattoo the better your chances of receiving a wonderful new tattoo!

How much does it cost?

The cost for treatment can vary greatly, depending on the size of the tattoo. As a guide treatments starts from £50 per session, however the cost per session often reduces over the course of the treatment, the will all be discussed upfront during the consultation period.

Will my tattoo completely disappear?

As much as I'd love to promise every treatment will return the skin back to it's original state, this unfortunately just isn't always the case. The success of the treatment depends on a number of factors and some pigment cannot be removed at all. Patience is ver important during the process as it can be a long process and instant results cannot be achieved over night.


"I have been really impressed with my laser tattoo removal treatment. I've had two session so far and it has made a big difference, and was less painful than I was expecting."

Gemma Valentine

"I had a great experience with Adam. He is highly professional, friendly and fairly priced. I would certainly recommend him to anyone thinking of having laser tattoo removal."


"Extremley professional service delivered in a firendly atmosphere."

Loz O'Brian

"Adam has been extremely helpful over the past year, he is always willing to do an early or late depening on my needs and is always friendly and laid back."